Mag. Dr. Katsiaryna Ackermann MA

Vienna University
Faculty of Philological and Cultural Studies
Marie-Jahoda Fellow

Russian Academy of Sciences
Institute of Linguistic Studies
senior scientist, department member on leave

University lectures


Invited lectures & conference talks

Curriculum Vitae

Areas of research

Slavic and Baltic historical and comparative linguistics and philology, general and comparative Indo-European linguistics, socio- and cognitive linguistics, language typology and language universals, Slavic palaeography, Indo-European areal- and cultural studies, social and cultural anthropology.

Research projects


project leader “Thesaurus on Slavic Kinship. A Cognitive Semantics Study” co-funded by Marie-Jahoda grant


scientific staff The Origin of the Glagolitic-Old Church Slavonic Manuscripts. An Interdisciplinary Investigation Accompanied by Editions (FWF P29892) Project leaders: Heinz Miklas (DSS); Robert Sablatnig (CVL), Manfred Schreiner (ISTA), Katja Sterflinger (DB BOKU), Patricia Engel (ERCB).

scientific staff Analysis and Conservation of Cultural Heritage – Modern Imaging and Material Analysis Methods for the Visualization, Documentation and Classification of Historical Written Material (Manuscripts) Project leaders: Prof. DI Dr. Manfred Schreiner (ISTA), Prof. DI Dr. Robert Sablatnig (CVL), O. Univ.-Prof. Dr. Heinz Miklas (Vienna University, DSS).

scientific staff Indo-European Root and Stem Formation Constituents (RGNF-14-18-03585). Project leader: Prof. N. N. Kasansky (Russian Academy of Sciences)