Institute of Science and Technology in Art (ISTA):

Manfred Schreiner
Wilfried Vetter
Bernadette Frühmann
Federica Cappa

Department of Slavonic Studies (DSS):

Heinz Miklas
Katja Ackermann
Jürgen Fuchsbauer

Department of Byzantine and Modern Greek Studies (DBGS):

Claudia Rapp
Giulia Rossetto

Department of Near Eastern Studies

Claudia Römer

Department of Egyptology

E. Christiana Köhler

Computer Vision Lab (CVL):

Robert Sablatnig
Simon Brenner

BOKU Wien, Research Group Sterflinger / Microbiology of Extreme Environments and Cultural Heritage:

Katja Sterflinger
Guadalupe Pinar

European Research Centre for Book and Paper Conservation – Restoration:

Patricia Engel

Institute for Medieval Research :

Emanuel Wenger