The first ‘Conservation Achievement Award’ will be presented to Emanuel Wenger for his decades of building up and maintaining the Bernstein Portal for identification of watermarks.

There will be the award presentation and a public lecture (Memoryofpaper – a portal to watermark databases) by Emanuel Wenger on 27th April 2021, 01:00 PM Amsterdam, Berlin, Rome, Stockholm, Vienna.

Access to the lecture (free of charge):, Meeting-ID: 610 1079 5272, Kenncode: 028832

Further details:

The European Research Centre for Book and Paper Conservation-Restoration has established two awards:

  • ‘Book and Graphic Art Conservation Achievement Award’ BCAA
  • ‘Book and Graphic Art Conservation Literature Award’ BCLA

The ‘Book and Graphic Art Conservation Achievement Award’ to natural or legal persons, represents the highest expression of recognition for those who have made significant contributions and continued commitment to excellence in endeavours of science, research, and leadership in the practice and theory of preservation, conservation, restoration and auxiliary fields’

For the ‘Conservation Achievement Award’, a third party must suggest a person to be awarded – no self-registration. Nominations should reach the ERC by e-mail: The application form can be downloaded here.

Suggestions to the board will be discussed once a year and the award given then within 3 months.

The ‘Book and Graphic Art Conservation Literature Award‘ is given for an original published paper. The ‘Conservation Literature Award’ provides an opportunity for researchers and practitioners to be recognised for their commitment, innovation and resourcefulness towards the publication of their research or practice.
There will be two broad criteria used to judge the Award entries:

  1. Quality of Research (originality, accuracy, sources used)
  2. Writing quality (clarity, organization, command of terms and use of literature)

For the ‘Conservation Literature Award’ self-application is encouraged. Applications should reach ERC by e-mail: The application form can be downloaded here.
The ERC board members and CU team will read the submitted papers out of which the five best will be chosen. From these the best paper will be chosen in the following ERC board/jont CU team meeting.